Our prayers and thoughts for our brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. 

We strongly condemn this barbaric attack on a place of worship that’s dear to our hearts, that is the Pittsburgh synagogue. We – at the Islamic Center of Russellville- are deeply saddened by the news of this tragic loss. We pray that God will grant you the strength needed to get through this moment in your life. Our most sincere condolences. Just know that we’re here for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out, especially during this difficult time.


Welcome to Islamic Center of Russellville

Facts about the Islamic Center of Russellville

  1. ICR has an open-door policy. All are welcome.
  2. ICR has no affiliation with any political organization.
  3. ICR is the first Islamic Center in Russellville.
  4. The Islamic Center of Russellville was established in summer of 2014 to accommodate the increased numbers of Muslim students attending Arkansas Tech University and the Muslim-American families living in Russellville.
  5. ICR’s congregation is diverse, with a membership that includes students, engineers, doctors, businessmen and professors from the United States and many other countries.
  6. Friday congregational prayers usually have around 70-80 worshipers.
  7. ICR’s mission is to encourage people of all ages, ethnic groups, Muslims and non-Muslims to learn and develop their knowledge of Islam, to bridge the gap between the communities by providing the necessary resources, and to provide education and services that advance justice and promote compassion and freedom.
  8. ICR proclaims to our community at large that we will be honest, clean, benevolent, honorable, respectful, and the best of neighbors. We support justice, family values, honesty, truthfulness, mercy for the young, care for the elderly, and charity for the poor.
  9. ICR aims to be the focal point for the surrounding Muslim community, in order to enhance understanding and preserve religious virtues.
  10. ICR aims to strengthen the bonds between Muslims and Non-Muslims by establishing a united community through working in harmony with other faith groups and civic organizations to enhance our collective future, tolerance, and respect amongst the people of Russellville and the surrounding areas.


Prayer Time at Islamic Center of Russellville

Please do car pooling for Jumma prayer

Fajr04:44 am
Zuhr13:09 pm
Asr16:56 pm
Maghrib20:13 pm
Jumua2:00 pm
Last saved: 2018 May 19